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Seymour’s Boatyard Announces Purchase of Moorings from Volpi Marine

Seymour’s Boatyard is excited to announce the purchase of Sand City, Hobart Beach area and Sea Spray HOA Moorings from Volpi Marine.

With this purchase and a previous (2021 – CYC) acquisition, Seymour’s has now acquired 200 additional rentalmoorings within the Northport Harbor complex.  Northport Boaters can be assured that customer service and quality of gear will improve given the Boatyards technology in place and expertise in vessel mooring. “Volpi Marine and Seymour’s have had a long-standing working relationship within these waters and we are proud to have purchased additional gear from Nick.” Dave Weber, Jr, General Manager/Owner said from his office at the boatyard.   All customers located within the Sand City, Hobart Beach, Hobart HOA and Sea Spray HOA can access Seymour’s mooring contracts through their website when they go live FEBRUARY 1, 2024.  If boaters should have any additional questions they can certainly stop down to the boatyard or give us a call.

Seymour’s Boatyard established in 1923 and now owned by Dave and Margaret Weber and Dave Weber, Jr is proud to be celebrating their 100th year in business serving Northport Harbor with moorings, tender service, fuel dock, petroleum products and winter service.  Seymour’s is the only boatyard on Long Island that still hauls boats using their 50-ton Marine Railway just as Dexter Seymour did back in 1923.  Seymour’s Boatyard is now listed on the New York State Historic Business Registry.

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